UPDATE: Seven Cardinals Test Positive, Series Against Tigers Postponed

By Patrick Kelly

UPDATE: After days of reporting that the Cardinals could have more positive tests it was reported on Monday that a total of seven players and six staff members had texted positive for Covid-19. Along with games being canceled until at least Friday when the Cardinals are at Busch Stadium against the Chicago Cubs, the Field of Dreams game versus the Chicago  White Sox was canceled and will be played next year. Before the Cardinals play again they will also have to make necessary call ups to the majors that are necessary.

After the Cardinals shocked MLB with two positive tests on Friday, which led to the postponement of their game against the Brewers, now the Cardinals have been affected by four more positive tests for COVID-19. Three of the six are players and the other three are staff members.

The Cardinals had to go into isolation in their Milwaukee hotel early Friday morning when they got the results of the tests, and they have remained there since. The two teams were hoping to play a doubleheader to make up for Friday’s lost game, and now Saturday’s game has been officially postponed. The results of other tests administered Friday were still being reviewed Saturday. There are 58 people in the team’s travel group.

This is a developing story that we will update as more news is confirmed. We at 590 The Fan also send our best wishes to the six who have tested positive. Whether they are asymptomatic or not, this is a scary disease and we hope nothing but the best for them.