BattleHawks Loud and Rowdy Outside The Dome

St. Louis vs. Seattle: It’s a showdown that this city is more than familiar with. BattleHawks fans started the partying early, almost earlier than they did for opening weekend. One of the best things from the day was the line in the sand that is still clearly drawn between STL and Seattle. A Seattle fan found themselves in the middle of a BattleHawks tailgate, which was fine, Until they brought out their tent.

Getting closer to The Dome started to have that hype around it that was present last week with a lot of additions, especially vendors. Last week, Schnucks had a raffle to win rewards points; this week they kicked it up a notch with tons of gooey butter cake, free for anyone.

It isn’t often that fans critique a game or an event and are listened to by the higher ups, especially not within a week. The BattleHawks had their ears open and they more than listened to their fans. Set up next to the official tailgate was a brand new pop-up shop that was consistently packed.

As you can see in the video, a lot of merchandise was still yet to be sold with the line growing fast. By the time people were making their way inside for kickoff, they were loading in additional items to make sure everyone had their blue and white for game time. One employee said, “We had two giant shelves full to the top with merch.” This city just won’t stop until even the Arch is blue and white.

If this is slowly becoming the BattleHawks city, then Marquette King is fit to rule. His first stake to be remembered in St. Louis happened in Week 1 when he kicked a perfect punt that should have been placed right at the 1-yard line if it wasn’t for a small mishap before it could stop. King has already been a staple in Oakland with the Raiders, but BattleHawks fans are lucky enough to have him as one of their own. The guy is a showman, if that wasn’t shown by him being a music artist on the side. With Kings Korner on the far side end zone, this is just the beginning for the Macon, Georgia native.