The Press Box

Newton SLOP

Discussing Cam and Shannon Sharpe

Chris Gervino

Talking Braggin’ Rights with Chris Gervino

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays! We’ll talk again Wednesday!  

Seg 5: Ask Dr. Rick

Dr. Rick Lehman joins and he offers interesting insight into Michael Porter Jr

Seg 6: Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman joins to discuss settling the lawsuit regarding the Scottrade renovation

Seg 5: Ask Dr. Rick

Dr. Rick joins to give his thoughts on concussions and the chances Michael Porter Jr plays this season

Seg 4: Rick Hummel

The Commish joins to talk Cardinals offseason and the Stanton sweepstakes

Seg 2: Listeners on Stanton, Cards

Listeners chime in with their thoughts on Stanton and the Cards offseason