Latest Binge-Watching Tips from 590

    Following is the latest words of wisdom on movies and TV shows to watch during these sports-less days from 590 The Fan personalities. Surprisingly, Doug Vaughn failed to list “Doug Unplugged” from his TV list.

    Doug Vaughn


    5. Naked Gun

    4. Animal House

    3. The Wizard of Oz

    2. The Godfather

    1. Saving Private Ryan


    5. Breaking Bad

    4. Band of Brothers

    3. News 4 St. Louis

    2. Blues Weekly

    1. Sports Sunday

    Pete Eichholz


    5. Good Will Hunting

    4. The Big Lebowski

    3. Ex Machina

    2. Pulp Fiction

    1. Rushmore

    TV Shows

    5. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    4. Deadwood

    3. Sopranos

    2. Breaking Bad

    1. The Wire