Matt Carpenter’s “Bueno Mojo” Salsa Now Available at Schnucks

Over the past few seasons, the St. Louis Cardinals have found a new animal or object to rally behind as the reason for the team’s turnaround production.

This year? Salsa.

Once Cardinals infielder Matt Carpenter got into the swing of things, literally, recording 12 extra base hits after developing the new recipe, people had to know the reason behind it.

“It’s gotta be the salsa,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter began making his own salsa after watching teammate Adam Wainwright do it for years. Carpenter’s homemade concoction went viral, and thus, the opportunity to purchase Matt Carpenter’s Bueno Mojo Salsa that hit the shelves in Schnucks grocery stores on September 13.

590 The Fan headed out to Schnucks on Manchester Road to find out just how magical and tasty this salsa really is.

While in search, we were informed that not only was the salsa sold out,  but had sold out in the first 15 minutes of the stores opening on September 13, with people lined up outside the store.

Luckily, one employee had kept one jar of salsa behind the deli for safekeeping and allowed us to try it out.

The taste was nothing you’d expect. The deep orange color would appear to give off a spicy vibe, but once you take a bite, it’s anything but spicy. It’s a sweet, tangy taste with a small after kick minutes later. It’s not comparable to the red salsas one would normally get as an appetizer from a local Mexican restaurant. It’s a perfect compliment to a lightly salted chip, and you won’t need a large water to wash it down.

One Schnucks representative on Manchester Road said she is unsure of when the next shipment of salsa will be in, since the store didn’t anticipate for the product to sell so quickly.

590 The Fan employees anticipate magic in the station and also on the field at Busch Stadium as October baseball nears closer.