Mizzou Pulls Out of Music City Bowl

By Patrick Kelly

After a break for the holidays where everyone went home, it shouldn’t be too surprising that there were some positive tests. What Mizzou wasn’t expecting was to have to pull out of its bowl game less than a week out from the game.

Mizzou was scheduled to play No. 15 Iowa on Wednesday, but due to an outbreak that has been traced back to the Mississippi State road trip, the game had to be cancelled. This of course could also be the beginning of a second outbreak if there is an uptick from players going home which would start popping up perhaps days before the game.

This ends Mizzou’s season and the first under Eli Drinkwitz. It was a pleasantly surprising year for fans with Mizzou going 5-5 with an unfavorable schedule of tough SEC opponents. As Drinkwitz said in his closing press conference, “There is a long way to go” and while that is true, there is also a lot to look forward to. Drinkwitz is a coach that goes to war for his players and he’s somebody a young player sees and is attracted to the culture that is created from that. Mizzou being in the SEC will only help them with the exposure that is possible. Lastly, the coaching staff has started to do an excellent job in the state with both talent from Kansas City and St. Louis seeing the Tigers as the perfect way to continue their football careers close to home.