MLB and Players Finally Agree to Shortened Season

By Patrick Kelly

After a few months of negotiations that had many concerned about a potential seasons,  MLB announced there will be a 60-game season for 2020 that will start on July 23 or July 24. Tuesday night, an announcement by both the league and MLBPA said that health and safety protocols were agreed to by the players and there would be a season.

Unlike the NBA and NHL that are opting for one or two hub cities, baseball will be played  in each home city with the majority of games being played in the division to decrease unnecessary travel.

Teams will report to their facilities July 1 to prepare for the season. The trade deadline set for Aug. 31. Although it’s still to be confirmed, 10 teams will qualify for the postseason.

Several rule changes will be in effect and there could be more. Pitchers will still have to face a minimum of three batters or finish an inning and extra innings will begin with a man on second base. The biggest change is that the DH will be used in the National League.

Changes specific to this year because of the shortened season will have each team start out with 30 players on their roster, and that will be reduced by two players after 20 games and another two after 40 with it remaining at 26 for the postseason. With minor-league teams having already canceled their seasons, teams will be allowed to retain 60 players including a taxi squad that will travel to games and must include a catcher.

The league implemented the current season on Monday after players rejected the latest plan. This was the fewest amount of games owners were going to allow with players receiving their full prorated salaries.