NHL Sets Return Date

After about a month of negotiations the NHL and NHLPA have agreed on terms to begin a 56 game season on January 13th. This is a quick turnaround given that training camp will start in less than two weeks on January 3rd. Although the players get 10 days for training camp the season will last until May 8th and each team will be allowed taxi squad players including having to include a third goalie.

With the announcement of the season also came the finalization of the divisions. Early reports showed the Blues out in the Pacific division and it will remain that way except they will be joined by the Minnesota Wild instead of the Dallas Stars. With staying in the Pacific the Blues face a slightly tougher task having to weather both the Vegas Golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche who should help create quite the three way battle for first.

Although the Blues look like they will have longer travel schedules given the difficulty of travel and at times it being unnecessary the Blues may spend long stretches of times in California or other Western cities in order to avoid traveling back and forth as some NFL and MLB teams have done this year.

In the Blues new division they held a good record against them last year going 13-4-2 with the two OT loses against Vegas being the only team that bested the Blues. The new alignment will also mean that the Blues will see their former captain Alex Pietrangelo often immediately putting the teams two new defensive weapons against each other.

While the last two seasons have been hectic the NHL also stated today that they hope for the 2021/2022 season to return to normal starting in October. With the season ending in May this will give non playoff teams a pretty normal break with teams going to the third or fourth round sacrificing a month of the summer off. Regardless of how the season looks NHL hockey will be back this season and a new Stanley Cup champion will be crowned.