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Seg. 2) The Amazing Kreskin Joins TMG/The Grindr

The Amazing Kreskin, world-renowned mentalist and entertainer, makes a number of predictions for 2018. The Grindr features the thoughts of producer, Chris Gardner.

Seg. 1) “Left ‘Em In Pretty Good Shape”

Martin Kilcoyne and Charlie Marlow are in-studio discussing the big “sports” stories of the day.


Martin, Charlie and Andy touch on a variety of topics.

You “Blue” It!

Martin Kilcoyne, Charlie Marlow and Andy Strickland are broadcasting from The Slider House in Rock Hill discussing the big “sports” stories of the day.

Ex-Illini Hoops Star Tyler Griffey Joins TMG/The Grindr

Tyler Griffey, former University of Illinois basketball standout and St. Louis native, reliv his unique experiences from the annual Braggin’ Rights game. The Grindr features the...