Report: NHL Eyeing February Return

By Patrick Kelly

With the second wave of COVID-19 starting to rear its ugly head, sports leagues are bracing for what may be another shortened season. In a normal year, we would be almost a quarter of the way through the NHL season, and the NBA would just be getting started. Instead, both are on their offseason breaks after finishing their seasons a month ago.

Now the attention turns towards the new year and what it will bring. The leagues are hoping this second wave is weathered fast and they can have as close to a real season as possible. Reports have come out out that the NBA is eyeing a return around Christmas, which would be good for hockey fans. If basketball returns first, that will put great pressure on the NHL to get something together fast even if it means both sides lose money. They would rather play than let other leagues get all the possible revenue.

The problem for the NBA and NHL is the same that plagued the MLB earlier in the year. With no fans for a full season, generating revenue would be a huge question. That creates a problem where players want to play as many games as possible with the owners trying to lessen that because of the financial blow they have already felt.

All the leagues will play, and it’s hard to imagine they can’t get in a season, especially considering what the leagues pulled off this summer and fall. The only thing the NHL has to keep on their radar is the start of the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. The opening ceremonies were moved to July 23 and with NBC having exclusive rights, the NHL will have to make sure to have their skates hung up by that date.