Story Lines Heading to the National Championship Tonight

By Patrick Kelly

It’s Joe Burrows’ last game for LSU

One of the best stories in college football history will sadly have its final chapter written Monday night as the most unanimous Heisman winner in history steps onto the college turf for the last time. Burrow probably saw his life going a lot of different ways as a red shirt his freshman year at Ohio State. Now he has a Heisman Trophy, and is the Prohibitive favorite to be the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. It seems that the only person in the world that predicted this could possibly happen was head coach Ed Orgeron, who seemed to do everything in his power to get him to transfer. In Coach O’s bottom-line world: “The kid’s a ball player.”

Will this be the highest scoring game in national championship history?

These are two of the most premier offenses to ever match up in the National Championship game with both teams ranked in the top three in offense. Both obviously have star quarterbacks who look to have promising careers in the NFL. The highest scoring game in the national championship came when when Alabama beat Clemson 45-40 in 2016. Both of those teams had weapons that now dominate the NFL with running back Derrick Henry carrying his team on an improbable playoff run this year and quarterback Deshaun Watson falling just short of the AFC Championship on Sunday.

Will the result affect Trevor Lawrence’s decision for next year?

The sophomore quarterback has stated that he loves playing at Clemson and will play there as long as he can. Lawrence already is the first true freshman in over 30 years to lead his team to a national title but would a second be more than enough for him? The question then becomes, if he is able to win his second national title in as many years, will he feel he has accomplished all he can? Although college can be a lot of fun and you can imagine being the starting quarterback at a power-five school is even better, no player goes into college hoping that is it for their sports career. The NFL is transitioning to being a young quarterback’s league and the promise of a team dropping big money on him might be too good to pass up once he already haa two rings in college. Of couruse, he could have three after next season.

Will this be the most memorable national championship?

When it comes to story lines, this game has more than enough. Start with Burrow, a player  who was thrown aside more than once in his football career but was given a second chance and ran with it better than anyone could. The reason he was given that chance was thanks to another great story line from this game: LSU head coach Ed Orgeron. He was a controversial hire, but has completely turned this program around in a dominant division and conference. On the other side of the ball, Clemson is the team that has been here before including Lawrence, who seems to love the pressure of a big-time situation. With one quarterback set to make his impact in the NFL next year and the other knowing he will have at least one more college season, they get set to square off in a game for the ages.